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SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 delivered to Kolping Education Center

The Kolping Education Center in Warburg-Rimbeck near Kassel has received the first SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 from a new production stock of simulation suits.

  • Kolping Education Center with new SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3
    First SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 at Kolping education center in Warburg

On the forefront of integration

The Kolping Education Center integrates and trains professionals from all over the world for future work in Germany. At present, this is an issue of major importance for the country. Nevertheless, the organisation is dependent on funding from public and private supporters.

Lately, there especially have been students from Syria and Afghanistan. Some of them have a full certification from a university and are speaking German fluently. For those who will be working in elderly care, the Kolping education center will use the SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 as a tool to quickly establish knowledge about the functional losses associated with old age.

The SD&C Senior Suit Delta Series

The SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 is the result of more than twenty years of experience with old age simulation. Beginning around 1990, physicians in German hospitals experimented with first simulations of old age vision and force. Between 1995 and 1999 the first age simulation suits appeared in German industry as a marketing tools. They simulated a selected bundle of functional losses typical for old age. The suits consisted of components taken from sports and orthopedics.

Around the year 2000, systematic research into the functional losses of old age resulted in curves depicting average biological performance over the years of ageing. Thereafter, SD&C developed a first old age simulation suit, that simulated old age much more realistically. In parallel, SD&C researched the practical usability of old age simulation suits in hundreds of use cases. In 2007 SD&C was presenting a first age simulation suit based on scientific findings. Nevertheless, still simple suits also were in use ever since up to present. SD&C continued to improve simulation details for the later Delta series. SD&C presented state of the art and top of the line products in 2011 and 2016. And now in 2020, the SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 has arrived and is available in our shop.

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Old Age Simulation in Luxemburg

SD&C has already delivered several Senior Suits for old age simulation to Luxemburg. In this small and charming country in the heart of Europe most people speak French, but they also understand German, making communication and travel easy for SD&C. The latest delivery of a Senior Suit Delta was to the CNFPC in Ettelbruck.

The CNFPC educates and trains persons for old age nursing centers. Like in ever more training centers, the use of age simulation to improve understanding and learning through self-experience was very welcome, speeding up the education process via learning by doing. The CNFPC students, many of them on a secondary educational way, cover a broad age range from 18 to 50 years, which puts on special requirements on the simulation, which the Senior Suit Delta is prepared for. Young students have a strong adaptive ability to cope with sensory changes, thus e.g. the included variable tinnitus of the Senior Suit Delta helps to give them the right impression of what it means not to be able to understand. During the personal introduction into the usage of the Senior Suit for the responsible Mdm. Danielle Meyer (right side in the picture), the setting of the loudness to a point of 50% speech recognition was trained (leading to quite some special misunderstandings). On the other side, the normal setup of weights and bandages of the age simulation can easily be too much for a person 50 years old. Therefore the Senior Suits also allow a fast adaptation of the weights, and the bandages allow a more loose setup. In any case, not to be able to reach down to bend ones shoes is an experience one does remember.

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Age Simulation and Sample Size

Prof. Dr. Simone Besemer and Prof. Dr. Simon Ottler from the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg in Ravensburg visited SD&C in the north of Munich to inspect and evaluate  the Senior Suit Delta.

Prof. Dr. Simone Besemer und Prof. Dr. Simon Ottler zu Besuch bei SD&C
Prof. Dr. Simone Besemer and Prof. Dr. Simon Ottler visiting SD&C

Despite their difference in their size, the age simulation suit fitted both professors, and a weight adjustment on one suit was quickly done. The tinnitus simulation impressed them, because the knew well that many people suffer from it. There were glad to be able to switch these sounds off again. The cervical collar significantly limited the mobility of their heads, and with regard to the elbow joints, a light wrapping of the bandages was sufficient, and both were almost not able to reach up to their own hairs. The simple variants of gloves produced a realistic and not exaggerated reduction of the sense of touch. As usual, visual performance was compared using font sizes on an opticians sheet. Without the simulation, the smallest font (1) could be read by both professors, with the optic’s visor folded down, both needed size (5) to (7). By carrying an empty crate of bottles over stairs, the visitors were able to experience themselves the effects of the reduced strength, and when throwing darts, to experience the effects of age simulation on coordination. Counting money in the simulation suit was of the practical importance, and when sitting in a vehicle, several restrictions were quickly noticed, such as a difficulty to reach for the seat belt.

The interesting question of the minimum size of a sample for market analyses was discussed. ISO 20282 requires a minimum size of 20 persons for usability tests, but recommends 50 or more. This also corresponds to the SD&C-known general industrial standard of meaningful tests in product development, although purely explorative studies sometimes want to get by with only three test subjects. For age simulation a study exists, in which 20 younger test persons in suits were compared with 20 real older test persons in numerous operations, and the results were consistent. An age simulation suit is thus a valid research instrument for demographic change. With the age simulation suit, the university ordered, students at universities will be able to investigate how Germany and Europe can be prepared for the rapidly approaching time when every second person in the country will be over 50 years old.

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SD&C workshop with ageing simulation in the design department of RECARO in Stuttgart

After discussing the ergonomic changes during the ageing process relevant for a project, the participants of the workshop were testing products themselves aged in an SD&C Senior Suit Delta. They filled a complete moderation board with their notes.

Over the years, I have worked with many well known companies and often was responsible for ergonomics and usability, and sometimes for the entire project. Several times I was invited to travel and lecture even in Japan. This time I also spoke about the different ways companies run their projects, and I presented on market leader’s most efficient form of organization to successfully place products on the market. The participants found this most interesting.

One thing is for sure: The team with Michael Heimrich and Tomas Grupp will develop innovative products, one can already look forward to.

RECARO-Designteam mit Alterssimulation
RECARO-Designteam with Michael Heimrich (left, front) and Tomas Grupp (left, background).

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Prototyp of the new Senior Suit ® Delta is being tested

The prototype of the new age suit model Senior Suit ® Delta has been tested. The new ideas added to the previous model Age Suit 2011 include e.g. fasteners, which allow more easy access to the weights in their pockets, further speeding up the dressing process. These fasteners are required by us to hold the weights, even when the age suit is used upside down, although that does not happen often. The tests were showing positive results. Further new features include stiffening elements for back and shoulders, strip elements an both sides to restrict breath taking, air conditioning vents, stiffening elements for the knee- and elbow-bandages, a wider cartridge belt for the underarm weights. The new SD&C Senior Suit Delta will be available starting begin of April.

Application in Organisations, Senior Suit Delta

Einweisung in die Alterssimulation im BBZ Biberach

Einweisung in die Alterssimulation im BSZ Biberach. Im Berufschulzentrum Biberach hat die Matthias-Erzberger-Schule zu ihrem Age Suit eine Einweisung in Theorie und Praxis der Alterssimulation erhalten. Angeregt durch ihre Ausbilderin Margit Roessner nahmen Altenpflegeschüler und auch einige Lehrer an der Veranstaltung teil. Die Schüler investierten ihre Freizeit dafür, mehr über die Alterssimulation zu erfahren. Sie konnten miterleben, wie Mitschüler im Age Suit in kurzer Zeit viel von ihren normalen Fähigkeiten verloren und mit den einfachsten Handhabungen Schwierigkeiten bekamen. Im Rahmen der Ausbildung wird der Simulationsanzug helfen, das Verständnis für die Älteren zu verbessern. Margit Roessner, die schon Erfahrung mit Alterssimulationsanzügen hatte, lobte die hohe Verarbeitungsqualität des Simulationsanzuges von SD&C. Der Age Suit wird auch am Tag der offenen Tür der Schule zu sehen sein und Interessierte werden ihn ausprobieren können.


Einweisung in die Alterssimulation im Berufschulzentrum Biberach
Einweisung in die Alterssimulation im Berufschulzentrum Biberach