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Age simulation shop of SD&C does now allow bitcoin payments

Payment with Bitcoins are now possible in the age simulation shop of SD&C for all products. The reason is, that SD&C has found Bitcoin payments to have become a front-runner in international payment technology.

Bitcoin wallets are today’s safest form of value storage.

What was an iron bank safe in former times, now is a bitcoin account in a wallet. While a steel safe in a bank was a good protection against robbery in former times and still is to some degree, the collapsing banks in 2007 showed the limitation. In comparison, as long as there will be electricity and an internet, bitcoin wallets will be accessible from anywhere. And the cryptographic safety never has been broken since the start of the bitcoin currency. It’s mathematically impossible.

Bitcoins are going to be the rarest and strongest commodity in the world.

Up to now, the limited amount of gold has been regarded as the most durable value, while paper money loses its value, because it can be printed in limitless amounts. Nevertheless, new gold is still found and arrives on the market. Not so bitcoins. Bitcoins have an assured limitation of 21 million pieces. And while it’s hard to transport the weight of gold, bitcoins do not have a weight at all.

Bitcoin payments are easy to handle.

There is no filling of bank transfer forms necessary, there are no long SEPA- or IBAN/BIC-codes to be written down without an error. There are no limits and restrictions like on many credit cards. For a payment by bitcoin, the customer scans a QR-code, thereafter he can read all payments details, and then he only needs to press a button. Therefor at some places you can buy a Coke from a vending machine using bitcoins. Pulling a smartphone can be faster than searching and counting coins.

Bitcoin payments are fast and safe.

International bank wire transfers still can take several days or even weeks. Every international bitcoin transfer only needs a few seconds to arrive. And the arrival is not only confirmed by one bank. With ongoing time, dozens of transfer confirmations arrive and make sure every payment.

International bitcoin payments are almost for free.

When we started international cooperation and a designer we employed in South America was sending us her wonderful work over the internet, our ways to pay her had its difficulties, as for the money transfer from Germany 25% were requested by one of the few organisations able to do so. Now, a bitcoin payment for any amount from anywhere to anywhere will cost a customer less than 0,25 €.

A present drawback for shops and commerce is the high volatility of krypto currencies, as all payments need to be registered in a company’s bookkeeping. We get around this by being connected to a system, that converts our shop prices from Euro to bitcoins in the moment of a payment request, and right after a payment the bitcoins a re-converted to Euros for our company account.

We at SD&C have an inclination for modern technology. Now SD&C also is financially ready for the future to come.

Products and Progress, Renting, Senior Suit Alpha

New Age Simulation Suit Alpha 3 now for rent all over Europe

The Senior Suit Alpha 3 does not only deliver a most impressive simulation, it also offers exceptional durability. Because of our participation in many events and workshops, and because of our renting activities, we know very well which element of an age simulation suit has to bear what stress. However, creating our own elements instead of taking them off the shelf always means a lot of work. Nevertheless, with our new Alpha 3 we now offer a specialized goggle in a robust box, more effective and more stable ear pieces and a better cervical bandage. And, in parallel to the improvements, we managed to reduce the production costs, so that we can also offer the product at a lowered price.

SD&C Senior Suit Alpha 3

Renting age suits all over Europe is not easy, as the logistic situation is rather different from place to place. To be honest, organizing the pick-up of one of our age suits from a place with a different language some thousand kilometers away is quite a challenge. But we love it.

The normal renting period is only two days, but together with the transport times, an age suit rented to a location in Europe is away for one to two weeks. Mostly there is no delivery over the weekends or fees are extremely high, and then different holidays in the different countries have to be taken into consideration. We also experienced labor strikes on the way.

Nevertheless, so far we have always been successful, although often enough a lot of phone calls were necessary. Only once there was a secretary who went into a vacation after renting an age suit from us for her company, and then her backup did not even know what an old age simulation suit is. On another occasion we could talk someone out of having us pick up an age suit from his private living room while away, where he wanted to leave a garden side door open for us.

Transporting 20 kg of weight is by itself not an easy task. If a case including the age suit falls from some height during handling, the load inside has to take quite a push. As a matter of fact, our first packages were getting several problems. But now we have a specialized transport case, as every customer will recognize easily.

All age simulation suits going out from us go through a detailed quality control process. Completeness, cleanliness, and function are checked. And this twice, once when arriving, once when going out.

Age Simulation Theory and Methods, Products and Progress, Senior Suit Beta

New Senior Suit Beta 3 now available

After internal tests over the entire year 2017 with more than 100 test persons, SD&C is now offering the new Senior Suit Beta 3. The Beta 3 uses a part of the patented Senior Suit Delta, and it has a significantly improved simulation of the movement restrictions in higher years of age. The Beta 3 can be recognized by the black stripes on the sides.

A realistic simulation of the deteriorated movability of the arms and legs in older years is not easy, as the reachable movement angles of the elderly do not differ much from the angles that the younger ones achieve. It is the overall movement, that becomes more difficult in higher years because of arteriosclerotic changes and a shortening and hardening of the muscle tendons.

The first age suits wrongly restricted the movement angles, and some age suits on the market still do. Later age suits were using orthopedic bandages, but these rather have a medical warming and holding effect and do not stiffen sufficiently. In addition, they tend to leave their places or they are not on the right anthropometric positions when built into an age suit. However, most age suits available today use orthopedic bandages only.

SD&C solves this problem by using special restricting bandages with built in stiffening elements. These special bandages can be attached to the anthropometric correct positions by using the fixation system of the Senior Suit Delta.

The technical question was, whether the somewhat reduced system from the Delta would still hold the considerable forces when using the age suit on a typical parcours. Thus tests were conducted. The result was, that the special bandages hold, and the improved effect has received a lot of positive feedback. So now everybody may try it out.

Together with the other high quality realistic simulation elements, like the two stages simulation optics and the hearing deterioration with an electronic tinnitus, the SD&C Senior Suit Beta 3 is intended to establish a worldwide standard on old age simulation based on the human abilities as declared in the International Standard ISO 20282.

Delivery and Payments, Products and Progress

One price for everybody worldwide

SD&C has a fair price policy – offering its age suits for the same price to everybody worldwide. EU countries however pay a smaller delivery fee than the rest of the world. During the last months, SD&C has delivered Senior Suits to countries in all directions from Germany, to northern countries like Denmark and Sweden, to eastern countries as close as Poland and as far as China, to southern countries as close as Swizzerland and Austria or as far as Nigeria in Afrika, to countries in the West as close as Luxemburg or as far as the USA. SD&C has been taking care of all the necessary export customs paper handling, has always been tracking the transports and has ensured that all Senior Suits have arrived safely at the customers doors. While customers may have to realize a small exchange fee from their currency to the Euro, SD&C takes responsibility for the transportation insurance and the money transfer fee. And worldwide delivery has become fast. A recent delivery from SD&C (near Munich in Germany) to Milwaukee in the USA took only 2 working days.


Age Simulation Theory and Methods, Products and Progress

Doktorarbeit bewertet Alterssimulationsanzug von SD&C als besten Benchmark

Dr. Christian Scherf hat in seiner Dissertationsschrift über die Entwicklung des Alterssimulationsanzuges MAX der Volkswagen AG Simulationsanzüge von Ford, Duke, SD&C und das Set LM-060 der japanischen Koken Corporation als Benchmark verglichen und dem SD&C Modell 2007 mit 9 Punkten die beste Bewertung für Realität, Modularität, Universalität, Design und Schnelligkeit gegeben, gefolgt von 6 Punkten für Duke, 5 Punkten für Ford und 4 Punkten für das japanische Set.

Scherf verglich in einem Experiment die Montagearbeit von 18 durchschnittlich Fünfundzwanzigjährigen im Alterssimulationsanzug mit der von 10 durchschnittlich Fünfundfünfzigjährigen und stellte fest, dass der Simulationsanzug die Arbeitsleistung der Jüngeren ziemlich genau (um 21,5 %) auf das Niveau der Älteren verringerte. Scherf resümiert, dass die Alterssimulation mehr ist  als ein einfaches Sensibilisierungstool, sondern sie ist “ein wirkunsgvolles Instrument, um gezielt alterskritische Montagetätigkeiten zu identifizieren.” Er schreibt, dass “die Alterssimulation wesentliche Vorteile gegenüber Nutzertests und Studien hat. Die Vorteile liegen in der direkten Abbildung der Zielgruppe, den prozess- und produktbezogenen Informationen, einer hohen Abbildungsgenauigkeit sowie den vertretbaren Kosten.”

Bei SD&C schließen dIe firmeninternen Benchmarks weitere Kriterien wie Hygiene mit ein, und die Bewertung der Realitätsnähe erfolgt für jede Einschränkung separat. Auch das neue SD&C Modell von 2014, der SD&C Senior Suit Delta 2, positioniert sich heute nach diesen Kriterien im internationalen Wettbewerb vorn. Eine neue Simulationsoptik ersetzt hier die Simulation der Sehunschärfe als Grauen Star und den Visusverlust per Folie, und die Beweglichkeitseinschränkungen sehen nunmehr von der Simulation einer Bewegungseinschränkung von nur 10° ab und simulieren stattdessen eine arthritische Beweglichkeitseinschränkung über den ganzen Bewegungsweg, wie in einem kürzlich veröffentlichten Artikel deutlicher dargelegt wird. Die von Scherf vorgelegte Doktorarbeit zur Alterssimulation ist die vierte Dissertation zum Thema und ein wertvoller Beitrag, der sich als ingenieurtechnisch saubere Konstruktion eines Simulationsanzuges und ergonomisch wertvoller experimenteller Vergleich der Gesamtwirkung bei Monatgearbeiten auszeichnet.

Der SD&C Age Suit Modell 2007 im Einsatz
Der SD&C Age Suit Modell 2007 im Einsatz

Inside SD&C, Products and Progress

Senior Suit Upgrades and new Products

Pausierendes Model im SD&C Senior Suit Delta 2

Resting model during fotoshooting of delta 2

The SD&C Senior Suit Delta 2, which has been tested in March and April of this year [2014], is now available. The novelties include improved weight pockets, additional stiffening elements for the back and shoulders, climatizing openings, lateral strip elements to adjust overall width, cable openings, and stronger fixation for the ankle and wrist weights. For those interested in scientific details, an article under the menu entry SCIENTIFC describes the meaning of the innovations in the larger context of modern age simulation.

There are also improvements for the other Senior Suit models. The SD&C Senior Suit Beta 2 is now equipped with the electronic ear muffs, which can simulate a tinnitus sound. And all Senior Suit Alpha 2 are equipped with the improved variable special elbow and knee bandages with stiffening elements. Further changes in the price list are more items to be selected for rent and additional simulation goggles. However the best news for all customers probably is, that pricing for the Senior Suits remains the same.

Application in Organisations, Products and Progress, Renting, Workshops

Age Simulation all over Europe

Zwei SD&C Senior Suit Beta
Two SD&C Senior Suit Beta during an event in Vienna.

SD&C has in June 2014 served customers all over Europa. Senior Suits have been sold to research instituts and universities from Danmark to Swizzerland, requests from further countries like Belgique have been answered, and events have been contributed to in Germany and Austria. In Vienna, Hamburg, Bad Segeberg, Dortmund, Berlin, Cologne and Bad Hombach, the Senior Suits were non stop active over the scheduled events. There was much positive feedback. Dr. Sylke Raboldt-Werthe from the Agaplesion Clinic in Seehausen showed herself impressed by how reaalistic the simulation was. She noticed that almost all test persons searching for money were finally giving their purse to a cashier asking him to take the requested amount – Just like in real life.

Application in Organisations, Products and Progress

Präsenz der SD&C Senior Suits auf mehreren Messen

Präsenz auf zwei Messen gleichzeitig. Die SD&C Senior Suits waren in den letzten Tagen sowohl auf einer Messe in Bremen als auch auf einer Messe in Hagen zu sehen. Carmen aus Hamburg berichtet vom Einsatz in Bremen:

“Im Einkaufszentrum war seit Donnerstag eine kleine Messe zum Thema ‘Pflege’ aufgebaut, sehr viele ältere Herrschaften kamen um sich über Einrichtungen zu informieren oder ihren Rolator bei der Polizei registrieren zu lassen und damit klausicher zu machen (zu meiner großen Überraschung ist das wohl absolut notwendig). Da ihre Einrichtung komplett ausgelastet ist, war Frau Lapp [von der Pflegepraxis Bremen] nicht zu Aquisezwecken auf der Messe, sondern um Verständnis bei den Angehörigen der Pflegebedürftigen zu schaffen. Dafür war der Anzug natürlich perfekt, sie hatte ihn auch selbst an und war begeistert. Ihrer Meinung nach sollten alle Pflegeschüler diese Erfahrung machen- sicher keine schlechte Idee. Wieder wurde ihr Anzug in höchsten Tönen gelobt, das ist schon eine wundervolle Sache!!”

Artikel von Florian Valentin: Schwitzend durch die Ausstellungshalle. WAZ, 24.3.2014

Über die Präsenz auf der Messe in Hagen wurde in der WAZ berichtet, und von hier stammt auch das Bild. Zum Artikel.

Fabrication, Products and Progress, Senior Suit Delta

Prototyp of the new Senior Suit ® Delta is being tested

The prototype of the new age suit model Senior Suit ® Delta has been tested. The new ideas added to the previous model Age Suit 2011 include e.g. fasteners, which allow more easy access to the weights in their pockets, further speeding up the dressing process. These fasteners are required by us to hold the weights, even when the age suit is used upside down, although that does not happen often. The tests were showing positive results. Further new features include stiffening elements for back and shoulders, strip elements an both sides to restrict breath taking, air conditioning vents, stiffening elements for the knee- and elbow-bandages, a wider cartridge belt for the underarm weights. The new SD&C Senior Suit Delta will be available starting begin of April.

Delivery and Payments, Products and Progress

Note to our international customers

During the last days I was requested to send an offer for a Senior Suit to a research institute in New Zealand. As this is for us in Germany a location on the opposite side of this planet, it really shows we are active worldwide. As it is, the rather cheap and fast deliveries enable us to keep good contacts with locations everywhere, any point can be delivered to in two weeks time, express deliveries in one weeks time are possible. So the establishment of new relationships comes down to the trustworthyness of the products and the guarantees we can give. Of course, our product guarantee is valid worldwide, and we can deliver replacement parts anywhere. In addition, our products are especially built to be robust and to last on. For example, last year we were using a six year old age suit model 2007 when having a presentation before the German minister for family affairs, Mrs Schwesig. And I am sure we will be able to demonstrate even longer times, once our company is older.

SD&C Age Suit Model 2007
SD&C Age Suit Model 2007

Age Simulation Theory and Methods, Fabrication, Old Age Biology, Products and Progress

Age Simulation Optics tested successfully

Qualitätstest der SD&C Alterssimulationsoptik
Qualitätstest der SD&C Alterssimulationsoptik

The SD&C age simulation optics have been tested with success. The test also demonstrates how SD&C is developing age simulation devices and tests them for quality. Visual acuaty can be tested with standardized text lines of different height, ranging from minimal “1” to very large “7”. Student Rene is 22 years old, but when using the SD&C simulation optics, he needs lines of size number “6”, just as people do, who are 40 years older, i.e. 62 years old. Without the simulation optics Rene is able to read the smallest lines size “1”.

Inside SD&C, Products and Progress, Senior Suit Beta

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York. Wir sind ja mit der Alterssimulation schon gut in Europa herum gekommen, aber der Einsatz für unseren Kunden Grass Roots in New York Ende November war doch noch etwas Besonderes. Carmen aus Hamburg nahm den Einsatz für uns wahr, zusammen mit Einsätzen für die Swiss Re in Zürich und in London. Mehr dazu z.B. in dieser Pressemeldung. –>SD&C

Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York
Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York