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Age Simulation all over Europe

Zwei SD&C Senior Suit Beta
Two SD&C Senior Suit Beta during an event in Vienna.

SD&C has in June 2014 served customers all over Europa. Senior Suits have been sold to research instituts and universities from Danmark to Swizzerland, requests from further countries like Belgique have been answered, and events have been contributed to in Germany and Austria. In Vienna, Hamburg, Bad Segeberg, Dortmund, Berlin, Cologne and Bad Hombach, the Senior Suits were non stop active over the scheduled events. There was much positive feedback. Dr. Sylke Raboldt-Werthe from the Agaplesion Clinic in Seehausen showed herself impressed by how reaalistic the simulation was. She noticed that almost all test persons searching for money were finally giving their purse to a cashier asking him to take the requested amount – Just like in real life.

Application in Organisations

Introduction into Age Simulation at the Institute for Work Design in Düsseldorf

Am Landesinstitut für Arbeitsgestaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf

Am Landesinstitut für Arbeitsgestaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf

With respect to demographic change, there are many challenging tasks of modern work design for the institute to deal with. As an example, the necessity for job rotation of elderly workers in certain jobs (like tiler and roofer) due to ageing was discussed, when there typically are not enough alternative workplaces available for them in their companies, while these workers still have years left before retirement. The aquired SD&C Senior Suit Beta will be used by the institute to sensitize for topics like this and similar ones.

Application in Organisations

The Ludwigshafener Traffic Services school personnel with the SD&C Senior Suit Beta

The mobility of the elderly is of high interest for us at SD&C. On the one hand, transportation means have to become barriere free, on the other hand the personnel has to be sensitized. We have therefore already cooperated with several automobile producers, with universities, automobile clubs, and transportation services. With the Ludwigshafener Traffic Services there is again one company more that is now going to deliver positive understanding of senior citizens into the local area. To read a schedule with less visual acuity, enter a bus with limited moveability, to pay a ticket with coins hard to identify, walking and taking place with deteriorated balance, and hearing station infos with slight deafness, is quite different from the expected. One just has to experience it for oneself. –

Application in Organisations, Products and Progress

Präsenz der SD&C Senior Suits auf mehreren Messen

Präsenz auf zwei Messen gleichzeitig. Die SD&C Senior Suits waren in den letzten Tagen sowohl auf einer Messe in Bremen als auch auf einer Messe in Hagen zu sehen. Carmen aus Hamburg berichtet vom Einsatz in Bremen:

“Im Einkaufszentrum war seit Donnerstag eine kleine Messe zum Thema ‘Pflege’ aufgebaut, sehr viele ältere Herrschaften kamen um sich über Einrichtungen zu informieren oder ihren Rolator bei der Polizei registrieren zu lassen und damit klausicher zu machen (zu meiner großen Überraschung ist das wohl absolut notwendig). Da ihre Einrichtung komplett ausgelastet ist, war Frau Lapp [von der Pflegepraxis Bremen] nicht zu Aquisezwecken auf der Messe, sondern um Verständnis bei den Angehörigen der Pflegebedürftigen zu schaffen. Dafür war der Anzug natürlich perfekt, sie hatte ihn auch selbst an und war begeistert. Ihrer Meinung nach sollten alle Pflegeschüler diese Erfahrung machen- sicher keine schlechte Idee. Wieder wurde ihr Anzug in höchsten Tönen gelobt, das ist schon eine wundervolle Sache!!”

Artikel von Florian Valentin: Schwitzend durch die Ausstellungshalle. WAZ, 24.3.2014

Über die Präsenz auf der Messe in Hagen wurde in der WAZ berichtet, und von hier stammt auch das Bild. Zum Artikel.

Delivery and Payments, Products and Progress

Note to our international customers

During the last days I was requested to send an offer for a Senior Suit to a research institute in New Zealand. As this is for us in Germany a location on the opposite side of this planet, it really shows we are active worldwide. As it is, the rather cheap and fast deliveries enable us to keep good contacts with locations everywhere, any point can be delivered to in two weeks time, express deliveries in one weeks time are possible. So the establishment of new relationships comes down to the trustworthyness of the products and the guarantees we can give. Of course, our product guarantee is valid worldwide, and we can deliver replacement parts anywhere. In addition, our products are especially built to be robust and to last on. For example, last year we were using a six year old age suit model 2007 when having a presentation before the German minister for family affairs, Mrs Schwesig. And I am sure we will be able to demonstrate even longer times, once our company is older.

SD&C Age Suit Model 2007
SD&C Age Suit Model 2007
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Age Simulation Optics tested successfully

Qualitätstest der SD&C Alterssimulationsoptik
Qualitätstest der SD&C Alterssimulationsoptik

The SD&C age simulation optics have been tested with success. The test also demonstrates how SD&C is developing age simulation devices and tests them for quality. Visual acuaty can be tested with standardized text lines of different height, ranging from minimal “1” to very large “7”. Student Rene is 22 years old, but when using the SD&C simulation optics, he needs lines of size number “6”, just as people do, who are 40 years older, i.e. 62 years old. Without the simulation optics Rene is able to read the smallest lines size “1”.

Inside SD&C, Products and Progress, Senior Suit Beta

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York. Wir sind ja mit der Alterssimulation schon gut in Europa herum gekommen, aber der Einsatz für unseren Kunden Grass Roots in New York Ende November war doch noch etwas Besonderes. Carmen aus Hamburg nahm den Einsatz für uns wahr, zusammen mit Einsätzen für die Swiss Re in Zürich und in London. Mehr dazu z.B. in dieser Pressemeldung. –>SD&C

Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York
Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York