Age Simulation all over Europe

Zwei SD&C Senior Suit Beta
Two SD&C Senior Suit Beta during an event in Vienna.

SD&C has in June 2014 served customers all over Europa. Senior Suits have been sold to research instituts and universities from Danmark to Swizzerland, requests from further countries like Belgique have been answered, and events have been contributed to in Germany and Austria. In Vienna, Hamburg, Bad Segeberg, Dortmund, Berlin, Cologne and Bad Hombach, the Senior Suits were non stop active over the scheduled events. There was much positive feedback. Dr. Sylke Raboldt-Werthe from the Agaplesion Clinic in Seehausen showed herself impressed by how reaalistic the simulation was. She noticed that almost all test persons searching for money were finally giving their purse to a cashier asking him to take the requested amount – Just like in real life.

Introduction into Age Simulation at the Institute for Work Design in Düsseldorf

Am Landesinstitut für Arbeitsgestaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf

Am Landesinstitut für Arbeitsgestaltung des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf

With respect to demographic change, there are many challenging tasks of modern work design for the institute to deal with. As an example, the necessity for job rotation of elderly workers in certain jobs (like tiler and roofer) due to ageing was discussed, when there typically are not enough alternative workplaces available for them in their companies, while these workers still have years left before retirement. The aquired SD&C Senior Suit Beta will be used by the institute to sensitize for topics like this and similar ones.

The Ludwigshafener Traffic Services school personnel with the SD&C Senior Suit Beta

The mobility of the elderly is of high interest for us at SD&C. On the one hand, transportation means have to become barriere free, on the other hand the personnel has to be sensitized. We have therefore already cooperated with several automobile producers, with universities, automobile clubs, and transportation services. With the Ludwigshafener Traffic Services there is again one company more that is now going to deliver positive understanding of senior citizens into the local area. To read a schedule with less visual acuity, enter a bus with limited moveability, to pay a ticket with coins hard to identify, walking and taking place with deteriorated balance, and hearing station infos with slight deafness, is quite different from the expected. One just has to experience it for oneself. –

Prototyp of the new Senior Suit ® Delta is being tested

The prototype of the new age suit model Senior Suit ® Delta has been tested. The new ideas added to the previous model Age Suit 2011 include e.g. fasteners, which allow more easy access to the weights in their pockets, further speeding up the dressing process. These fasteners are required by us to hold the weights, even when the age suit is used upside down, although that does not happen often. The tests were showing positive results. Further new features include stiffening elements for back and shoulders, strip elements an both sides to restrict breath taking, air conditioning vents, stiffening elements for the knee- and elbow-bandages, a wider cartridge belt for the underarm weights. The new SD&C Senior Suit Delta will be available starting begin of April.

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York

Der SD&C Senior Suit ® erreicht New York. Wir sind ja mit der Alterssimulation schon gut in Europa herum gekommen, aber der Einsatz für unseren Kunden Grass Roots in New York Ende November war doch noch etwas Besonderes. Carmen aus Hamburg nahm den Einsatz für uns wahr, zusammen mit Einsätzen für die Swiss Re in Zürich und in London. Mehr dazu z.B. in dieser Pressemeldung. –>SD&C

Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York
Der SD&C Senior Suit in New York