Delivery and Payments, Products and Progress

One price for everybody worldwide

SD&C has a fair price policy – offering its age suits for the same price to everybody worldwide. EU countries however pay a smaller delivery fee than the rest of the world. During the last months, SD&C has delivered Senior Suits to countries in all directions from Germany, to northern countries like Denmark and Sweden, to eastern countries as close as Poland and as far as China, to southern countries as close as Swizzerland and Austria or as far as Nigeria in Afrika, to countries in the West as close as Luxemburg or as far as the USA. SD&C has been taking care of all the necessary export customs paper handling, has always been tracking the transports and has ensured that all Senior Suits have arrived safely at the customers doors. While customers may have to realize a small exchange fee from their currency to the Euro, SD&C takes responsibility for the transportation insurance and the money transfer fee. And worldwide delivery has become fast. A recent delivery from SD&C (near Munich in Germany) to Milwaukee in the USA took only 2 working days.