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Age simulation shop of SD&C does now allow bitcoin payments

Payment with Bitcoins are now possible in the age simulation shop of SD&C for all products. The reason is, that SD&C has found Bitcoin payments to have become a front-runner in international payment technology.

Bitcoin wallets are today’s safest form of value storage.

What was an iron bank safe in former times, now is a bitcoin account in a wallet. While a steel safe in a bank was a good protection against robbery in former times and still is to some degree, the collapsing banks in 2007 showed the limitation. In comparison, as long as there will be electricity and an internet, bitcoin wallets will be accessible from anywhere. And the cryptographic safety never has been broken since the start of the bitcoin currency. It’s mathematically impossible.

Bitcoins are going to be the rarest and strongest commodity in the world.

Up to now, the limited amount of gold has been regarded as the most durable value, while paper money loses its value, because it can be printed in limitless amounts. Nevertheless, new gold is still found and arrives on the market. Not so bitcoins. Bitcoins have an assured limitation of 21 million pieces. And while it’s hard to transport the weight of gold, bitcoins do not have a weight at all.

Bitcoin payments are easy to handle.

There is no filling of bank transfer forms necessary, there are no long SEPA- or IBAN/BIC-codes to be written down without an error. There are no limits and restrictions like on many credit cards. For a payment by bitcoin, the customer scans a QR-code, thereafter he can read all payments details, and then he only needs to press a button. Therefor at some places you can buy a Coke from a vending machine using bitcoins. Pulling a smartphone can be faster than searching and counting coins.

Bitcoin payments are fast and safe.

International bank wire transfers still can take several days or even weeks. Every international bitcoin transfer only needs a few seconds to arrive. And the arrival is not only confirmed by one bank. With ongoing time, dozens of transfer confirmations arrive and make sure every payment.

International bitcoin payments are almost for free.

When we started international cooperation and a designer we employed in South America was sending us her wonderful work over the internet, our ways to pay her had its difficulties, as for the money transfer from Germany 25% were requested by one of the few organisations able to do so. Now, a bitcoin payment for any amount from anywhere to anywhere will cost a customer less than 0,25 €.

A present drawback for shops and commerce is the high volatility of krypto currencies, as all payments need to be registered in a company’s bookkeeping. We get around this by being connected to a system, that converts our shop prices from Euro to bitcoins in the moment of a payment request, and right after a payment the bitcoins a re-converted to Euros for our company account.

We at SD&C have an inclination for modern technology. Now SD&C also is financially ready for the future to come.