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SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 delivered to Kolping Education Center

The Kolping Education Center in Warburg-Rimbeck near Kassel has received the first SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 from a new production stock of simulation suits.

  • Kolping Education Center with new SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3
    First SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 at Kolping education center in Warburg

On the forefront of integration

The Kolping Education Center integrates and trains professionals from all over the world for future work in Germany. At present, this is an issue of major importance for the country. Nevertheless, the organisation is dependent on funding from public and private supporters.

Lately, there especially have been students from Syria and Afghanistan. Some of them have a full certification from a university and are speaking German fluently. For those who will be working in elderly care, the Kolping education center will use the SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 as a tool to quickly establish knowledge about the functional losses associated with old age.

The SD&C Senior Suit Delta Series

The SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 is the result of more than twenty years of experience with old age simulation. Beginning around 1990, physicians in German hospitals experimented with first simulations of old age vision and force. Between 1995 and 1999 the first age simulation suits appeared in German industry as a marketing tools. They simulated a selected bundle of functional losses typical for old age. The suits consisted of components taken from sports and orthopedics.

Around the year 2000, systematic research into the functional losses of old age resulted in curves depicting average biological performance over the years of ageing. Thereafter, SD&C developed a first old age simulation suit, that simulated old age much more realistically. In parallel, SD&C researched the practical usability of old age simulation suits in hundreds of use cases. In 2007 SD&C was presenting a first age simulation suit based on scientific findings. Nevertheless, still simple suits also were in use ever since up to present. SD&C continued to improve simulation details for the later Delta series. SD&C presented state of the art and top of the line products in 2011 and 2016. And now in 2020, the SD&C Senior Suit Delta 3 has arrived and is available in our shop.