Application in Organisations, Senior Suit Delta

Old Age Simulation in Luxemburg

SD&C has already delivered several Senior Suits for old age simulation to Luxemburg. In this small and charming country in the heart of Europe most people speak French, but they also understand German, making communication and travel easy for SD&C. The latest delivery of a Senior Suit Delta was to the CNFPC in Ettelbruck.

The CNFPC educates and trains persons for old age nursing centers. Like in ever more training centers, the use of age simulation to improve understanding and learning through self-experience was very welcome, speeding up the education process via learning by doing. The CNFPC students, many of them on a secondary educational way, cover a broad age range from 18 to 50 years, which puts on special requirements on the simulation, which the Senior Suit Delta is prepared for. Young students have a strong adaptive ability to cope with sensory changes, thus e.g. the included variable tinnitus of the Senior Suit Delta helps to give them the right impression of what it means not to be able to understand. During the personal introduction into the usage of the Senior Suit for the responsible Mdm. Danielle Meyer (right side in the picture), the setting of the loudness to a point of 50% speech recognition was trained (leading to quite some special misunderstandings). On the other side, the normal setup of weights and bandages of the age simulation can easily be too much for a person 50 years old. Therefore the Senior Suits also allow a fast adaptation of the weights, and the bandages allow a more loose setup. In any case, not to be able to reach down to bend ones shoes is an experience one does remember.