• Welcome to SD&C and old age simulation technology

Do you know what it is like to be old? Do you have an idea of the difficulties an elderly person experiences when performing everyday tasks? Do you have an idea what to expect in your own future?

Using ergonomic data, we have developed and patented an aging simulation suit that allows to self-experience old age. Our “Senior Suit” allows a realistic simulation of the twenty major age related impairments which change the way a person interacts with the world. Special goggles decrease visual acuity, ear capsules lessen speech understanding, bandages produce joint stiffness and limit movability, and weights decrease muscular strength. Becoming 40 years older can now be achieved in 5 minutes.

An experience with our Senior Suit can drastically change views, give an understanding for the needs of the elderly, and also improve the empathy for disabled persons. Own experience is different from theoretical knowledge and unforgetable. Not to be able to do everyday tasks may seem funny for a moment, but it means learning by doing and experience.

Since the start of SD&C in 2003, our Senior Suit is already widely used in many countries, e.g. by clinics and hospitals to sensitize the public for the needs of the elderly, by nursing homes to find new personnel, by medical schools to train young doctors, by universities to study the behavior of the elderly, by automobile producers and design agencies to create better usable products, by architectural bureaus and tourism development centers to check places for barrier-free design, and also by banking and insurance companies to encourage young people to save money for retirement. The Senior Suits have already had a positive effect in many areas of application, as we can tell by the positive feedback from our customers, which they expressed in letters, which fill several folders in our office, and encourage us to go on.

So, if you have an idea how you could use a Senior Suit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you.