Renting an age suit from anywhere in the EU

The EU is now including 28 member states and stretches over 5000 kilometers, from Utsjoki in northern Finland to the mountain of Gibraltar before the Spanish coast. We are about 500 Mio people, we all share passports naming us Citizens of the European Community, we share similar license plates on our cars, and we can travel without border stop from one end to the other.

This also means, that our age suits can come to any place in the EU without a border stop and an inspection, i.e. without delay. Deliveries have become predictable, timing is possible. This only excludes, as a white spot, Switzerland in the middle of Europe, not belonging to the EU, where there still is full customs control at the borders.

The EU with 28 member states and the location of SD&C.
The EU with 28 member states and the location of SD&C.

Nevertheless, we regarded some of our recent deliveries within Europe as trials, and I have to admit, we had our doubts. E.g. there was a delivery of an age suit to a really far away and high up location in the alpine mountains, a hotel in France near the Montblanc. Could our Senior Suit get there in time for an event? Would the hotel be found, far away from the next city? Would the 20 kg package with the age suit be brought up the small serpentine roads in time? Well, our age suit arrived in time, the event was a success, and we received a very positive feedback.

So, I can confirm, there is nothing to fear, and the overall procedure is easy. After a request for a location and a date, we send a quotation. After accepting it, the age suit will come to you, wherever in Europe you are. And the day after your event, we will come and pick up the age suit again.