SD&C Senior Suit Beta 3


Age simulation suit intended for the training of medical professionals and for the education of those having frequent business contact with the elderly. In comparison to Senior Suit Alpha, the Senior Suit Beta includes a completely realistic visual simulation with five optical aging factors, and a flap-up-visor allows the choice of either 20 or 40 years of visual aging. Hearing loss can be emphasized with an electronic tinnitus simulation. Loss of movability can be simulated in different intensities.

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The SD&C Senior Suit ® Beta is especially intended for education and training. The age suit simulates the following effects:

• High frequency hearing impairment
• Special optics simulating 5 aging factors
• Loss of visual acuity over 20 and 40 years of age
• Change of color vision
• Limited peripheral vision
• Slight macular degeneration
• Greater visual need for light
• Limitation of head movement
• Reduction of muscular body strength
• Stiffness in the back
• Shortness of breath
• Loss of strength in the arms
• Reduced elbow movability
• Deterioration in sensitivity of the fingertips
• Contracture of wrist joints
• Reduced knee joints movability
• Loss of strength in leg muscles

The simulation results in combined effects such as impaired coordination, less balance, less overall control, deteriorated grip and handling of objects, uncertainty and communication problems, so that so that everyday tasks like counting money or operating a vending machine directly reveal the typical problems of getting older.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 56 × 40 × 25 cm
Delivery Content

1 Special simulation vest with 4 frontal and 5 dorsal pockets for fast change of simulation weights, integrated stiffening elements for shoulders and back, strip elements at both sides to optionally deteriorate breathing, easy to put on by frontal zipper, wide entry for big persons, military quality, machine washable
1 set of frontal and dorsal simulation weights
1 set of ear muffs to simulate high frequency hearing impairment including an electronic tinnitus sound with adjustable loudness
1 special age simulation optics for 5 effects with fold-up visor to simulate either 20 or 40 years of ageing, limited peripheral vision, deterioration of color vision, greater need for light, and a light macular degeneration (when visor is down)
1 transportation bag for simulation optics and ear muffs
1 neck brace to simulate difficulty in moving one's head
2 pairs of white gloves to reduce tactile sensitivity
1 jumpsuit to protect clothing and improve hygiene
2 wrist weights to simulate reduced arm strength
2 ankle weights to simulate reduced leg strength
2 special elbow bandages with stiffing elements to restrict arm
movement, variable for different degrees of ageing
2 special knee bandages with stiffing elements to restrict leg movement, variable for different degrees of ageing
2 wrist protectors as wrist contracture
1 instructions of use
1 guarantee
1 trolley carrying case with combination lock