Parkinson tremor simulation set


Parkinson tremor simulation set

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Using a special program, the device simulates the tremor experienced by people with Parkinson’s disease. By placing electrodes on the body, the underarm muscles can be stimulated using a weak current. The intensity is adjustable. The simulation can be performed on both underarms at the same time.

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Content: 1 control device, electrodes, cables and batteries. Bag on display only with Senior Suit Delta.

Instruction: Attention! The device should not be used on pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems or on people with epilepsy.

On the forearm of a person identify a muscle to the fingers of the hand and place electrodes on both sides of the muscle.

The device is switched on with the center switch. With "T" TENS is selected and flashes in the dis-play. The P button selects one of the programs PU1, PU3, PU4 or PU5, while the intensity should initially be switched to 00 mA. The intensity is slowly increased with the + button, observing the test person. At higher levels, the tickling becomes a muscle tremor. However, if the test person shows problems at higher intensities, the simulation must be cancelled. After 60 minutes, the pro-gram switches off by itself, but can be switched on again.

With a functioning simulation, gripping a cup with a spoon in it is rather impressive. Putting a thread through a needle is usually no longer possible at higher intensity levels.